Our Events


This event encourages the participants to showcase their photographic skills that help them capture cherishable moments and to uplift their creative and imaginative skills


Megalith provides a unique opportunity to civil engineering students to showcase their coding skills while solving arduous problems in civil engineering through DataHunt.

Green Canvas

The purpose of Green Canvas is to encourage participants to come up with innovative and creative ways to mitigate effects of pollution and restore greenery


Cwiz is an online quiz event of Megalith IIT Kharagpur that challenges the nerds in the topics of Civil Engineering, Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge

The Riddle

This is an online logical puzzled riddle event with ‘Brainstorming’ and ‘Thunderstorm’ rounds that challenges you with various kinds of civil engineering-related real-life riddles.


This event encourages the students to showcase their immense talent in the world of geometry with their amazing power of imagination.


Megalith 2022 presents Origami event which will provide engineers to present their childhood art of paper folding in a more sophisticated way.